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She was truly a Yellow Rose of Texas,
With a smile as sunny and as wide.
She came into my life one December day,
and changed it forever, in many a way.

She brought me happiness, and much pleasure,
and soon became my most prized treasure.
She gave me children, a girl and two boys,
all three who bring many years of untold joys.

She soon became the true love of my life,
this sunny, exciting girl who became my wife.
Through 40 years, we played and toiled together,
the trials and challenges of marriage, we did weather.

And in the twilight of her glorious life,
remained in good cheer, this wonderful wife.
Though discomforted, from complaint she did refrain,
but if one looked close, you could see the pain.

She became a shining beacon to others,
to many daughters, and their mothers.
As her terrible disease took her life,
it ended the union of this man and his wife.

But if you will look into the sky on any a night,
a bright star twinkles with many rays of light.
You will see her presence in the heavens above,
Her love flies to me on the wings of a dove.

An original poem by her Loving Husband, Ray Clark.

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