In Memory of Shirley Stein
March 1, 1926 - July 22, 2000

This information regarding Shirley's battle with ovarian cancer was provided to me by her loving daughter, Ellen Stein Janicke. Shirley is survived by daughter Ellen, son Wayne, and husband Julius. This is Ellen's story regarding her beloved Mom. Shirley's favorite flower was the lilac. I have chosen it as a background for her memorial webpage. Her favorite color was pink, hence the pink lilacs... The sparkling star above her picture and the jewels in the lilac bars represent her favorite gemstone, the diamond...
Ellen's story of her Beloved Mom, Shirley
"No one can deny that my mom was a fighter to the very end. For many years she had been complaining to her doctor that she felt bloated, had severe backaches, etc.. He doctor merely insisted she was eating to much, had arthritis, etc.. About three years ago, after suffering for many, many years, she had her gallbladder removed. The surgeon who performed the operation told her she had "something" down in her ovary that she needed to have checked out. Once again, her doctor made it sound trivial and didn't seem to be in a real rush to have it checked out. When she finally had tests done, it was determined she had a tumor the size of a grapefruit. When she was on her way to the hospital to have it removed, she told my father "I know it's cancer". The surgeon told my father that he removed it as well as both ovaries, and that she should be fine with chemotherapy. He said the cancer had spread to her stomach but he had removed most of the cells.
She recovered and went to chemo treatments. She was such a proud dignified lady that one of her major concerns was losing her hair. She got a wig and was doing fine. She went into remission and was thrilled as well as her family. I'll never forget the day I went to visit her and she was going to the doctor for a flu shot. She thanked him a million times and even hugged him. When she and my dad came to visit on Mother's Day, she looked absolutely beautiful. Her hair had grown in and she was strikingly attractive!
For over a year, she went for checkups and was doing just great! She even did voluntary work for the cancer hotline speaking with other cancer patients. Then her CA125 test started indicating there was a problem. She again went for chemo even switching oncologists for more intensive treatment. In total, my mom went through chemo four times. There were many times she was so worn out and tired she wanted to give up. However, her love of life and love of her family kept her fighting and seeking treatment. When her oncologist encouraged her to use the services of Hospice, she insisted she wanted chemo instead. Up until the very end of my mother's life she continued caring and loving her family. A mere three days before her death, she wanted to make sure I was sleeping and eating well. I miss her so much as my mother but even more so as my best friend. My father misses her not only as his wife of 51 years but as his soulmate and best friend.
How does one replace their best friend? There is a void in my life that I'm afraid will never be filled but as my mother told me the last time I saw her "you must continue on with your life"."

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These are the comments of the Webmaster, Ray Clark. Ladies, please note that the doctor "thought" he got all the cancer. We now know that ovarian cancer cells can live in the body for years, even after you have had a complete ovary removal. Years down the road, the cancer can activate and attack you, even if you no longer have your ovaries....

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