The "New Day" Hybrid Rose

This is a story of friendship, caring and love. For about 25 years, we have lived next door to a couple, that, through the years, have become good friends of ours. Their names are Horatio and Lupe Garcia. However, we have always called him Garcia. He never seemed to be the Horatio type! Not this Marine! We have enjoyed their friendship all these years, each looking after the others house when away on trips.

For years, Faye had loved roses, especially yellow ones. Many years ago, I planted numerouse rose bushes, and not being Mr. Green Thumb, I have just let them grow, cutting them back from time to time. I have never been the type to spend hours in a flower bed doing what it takes to grow pretty flowers. However, Garcia IS Mr.Green Thumb, as you would see if you could see his front and back yard! It is very nicely done, he having done much to make it look pretty. He has the interest.

For years, Garcia has been trying to grow new rose bushes from ours, taking cuttings year after year, in vain, usually. Of particular interest to him has been the New Day hybrid rose in the center of our front lawn. This rose is a very pretty pinkish red one, with a very nice fragrance. Garcia has, for years, tried to get rose cuttings from this bush to take, to no avail.

However, that all changed after Faye's death. Garcia tells me that he started doing some research on growing roses from cuttings. One of the things he found, if I remember correctly, that is was very difficult to get cuttings from hybrid roses to take. His research indicated some promising methods that might work. He tells me that he did a lot of praying over the subject, and a lot of talking to Faye, as he puttered around the rose bush and the cuttings he would take.

One day, he excitedly called me on the phone, asking me to come see what he had accomplished. Out of about a half dozen cuttings, he had finally had some success. All of them died but one, as I recall, but you will see the results of all the work, study, talking to Faye, and prayer, shown below this. It is the first of his successes with this rose. To honor the occasion, he has placed a wooden plaque in front of the bush, which resides to the left as you walk out their back door.

March, 1999

With much tender, loving care, this one cutting was soon shooting up and looked like this.

Late Spring

Early Summer

Mid July, 1999

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The photographs below were taken on 22 March, 2000. As you can see, Faye's rose bush is doing well in the new year. Here are a series of photos of it. The last two show it in a new location on 8 April, 2000. About a week before this, Garcia had moved it to a better and more prominant location. He was concerned that it would get to much water where it had been living at before. Hence the transplant. It now lives to the center left of his backyard in it's own large, private eliptical container.

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Now you know the story of Faye's Rose Garden and the man and woman, who, out of love and caring, made it happen. Faye lives on in many ways, in many people's lives. One of the ways her spirit lives on is next door to me, in the form of a pretty rose garden, amongst neighbors she considered good friends. May you all have wonderful neighbors, like Lupe and Garcia, who we were blessed with many years ago.

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