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In Memory of Renee Yvette-Marie Hendryx
September 19, 1959 - June 30, 1999

This information regarding Renee's battle with ovarian cancer was provided to me by her loving husband, Ted Hendryx. It will be updated as I receive more information from Ted. Renee's story is similar to Faye's story. Both were initially diagnosed as having bowel problems until a more knowledgable doctor and the appropriate tests were completed. Then the terrible truth was revealed.


Born in Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Renee's charm and lovely French Canadian accent captivated those she met. Renee was an accomplished violinist, (being introduced to that instrument at the early age of five), however, her passion was teaching small children which she would surround herself throughout her life. Art, sewing projects, particularily childrens costumes, made her smile.

Renee and I met in Madagascar while I was on assignment with an oil firm. She had traveled to that country to visit her parents who were also there on assignment with the Malagasy University. Our fate was tied in that far away island country. We married in Champlain, Quebec on February 25, 1989.

We both returned to the United States to begin what would be ten years, four months, and, eleven days of marriage. Renee could cook, and excelled in sauces! She avoided boxed or ready-made meals. We both enjoyed good foods, and, good wines. She attracted people, and, frequently offered to do things for others. This generous and unselfish nature could at times be taken advantage of. We traveled, which she loved, but Renee disliked "flying" to get there.

In April 1997, Renee complained of bloating after a trip to Mexico. Not much though, and, at first refused efforts to seek medical advise. (webmasters comments: So did Faye. Ladies, if you have the symptoms of ovarian cancer listed below get thee to a doctor quickly). A few weeks of this condition did eventually earn a trip to our primary care physician who immediately diagnosed her discomfort and body change, (she looked pregnant), to a bowel obstruction which would be relieved by enemas. This treatment changed nothing, and, her discomfort only grew. A "new" diagnosis from our PCP now blamed pancreatitis as the culprit, but which could also be easily treated through diet. Another few days of no change in her condition, and a new doctor, saw us being admitted to the hospital. Ultrasounds, not x-rays, revealed a mass and fluid. Subsequent surgery confirmed the hospital staff's concerns. Renee was diagnosed with Stage III B ovarian cancer, a total shock to us both! The tumor and ascites fluid having been removed, we began the chemotheraphy standard for ovarian cancer, taxol and carboplatin. Renee was able to reach a brief remission from this therapy, but, in May 1998, the cancer had returned, and, spread. The drugs that had been successful before, would not be a second time, or, the host of other drugs available for ovarian cancer as of this writing. Renee bravely fought this disease another thirteen months before going to her Lord early Wednesday morning June 30, 1999.

I Love and miss her.

Her Husband Ted.


  • Bloating, a feeling of fullness, gas
  • Frequent or urgent urination
  • Nausea, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea
  • Menstrual disorders, pain during intercourse
  • Fatigue, backaches

  • Take action if any symptoms last more than 2-3 weeks. Ask for a combination pelvic/rectal exam, CA125 blood test, and a transvaginal sonogram.

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