... Dreams ~ By: Margi Harrell
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  • Margi Harrell is a very good friend of mine. Her wonderful music graces many of the webpages that I create and is used with her permission. Her award winning song "Dreams", is one of the best known pieces of music on the Internet. To use her music on your webpages just write to her and ask permission. Her music is copyrighted. To visit her great website, and hear more of her music, just click on her name above!

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    God saw you getting tired,
    When a cure was not to be.
    So He wrapped his arms around you,
    and whispered, "Come to me".
    You didn't deserve what you went through,
    So He gave you rest.
    God's garden must be beautiful,
    He only takes the best
    And when I saw you sleeping,
    So peaceful and free from pain
    I could not wish you back
      To suffer that again.
         --Author Unknown


    This webpage will contain the names and information of other deceased victims of ovarian cancer as they are supplied to me by respective family members. To protect myself, I will only accept a written or email request with attachments, including what information and photograph(s) they care to send, from the parents, spouse, or surviving children of the deceased. More information to follow.

    In Memory of Lynn Diane Hammer
    December 24, 1952 - November 9, 1997

    Click Here to Access Lynn's Memorial Site

    In Memory of Hazel Christine Berkeley Ranson
    Jan. 30, 1918 - April 5, 1999

    Click Here for Hazel's Story

    In Memory of Renee Yvette-Marie Hendryx
    September 19, 1959 - June 30, 1999

    Click Here for Renee's Story

    In Memory of Shirley Stein
    March 1, 1926 - July 22, 2000

    Click Here for Shirley's Story

    In Memory of Martha Cullins
    April 14, 1939 - April 20, 1995

    In Memory of Sandra O. Goodman

    Click Here for Sandra's Story

    In Memory of Judy Knudsen

    Click Here for Judy's Story

    There have been a multitude of women come forward to tell me how this website has been a help to them. I thought I would tell you some of the successes that have been achieved as a result of women either having seen this website or were given one of the handout Symptom cards I give to people. This site or that card has, to my knowledge, been responsible for saving the lives of unknown hundreds of women. A number of them had tumors detected and removed at an early stage because they saw the symptoms of this disease in themselves after receiving the card or visiting the website. One of the women was asked by her medical staff as to how she happened to come in at so early a stage of the disease. She pulled out the card that had been given her and handed it to the doctor. It was read and handed back to her. She was told that she needed to thank the person that gave it too her for it had just saved her life. They don't normally see a patient with this disease until it is so far advanced that there often is not much they can do. Other women did not have cancer, but other female problems were detected that required medical attention. There also have been a number of women who have told me that they saw the symptoms in themselves, went for a check up only to find that they have this disease in Stage III or IV. They are battling it now. So this program is working and has saved hundreds of lives so far.

    Tribute to Faye

    May your Spirit soar high above the clouds
    To meet with those gone on before
    To romp and play on fields of green
    With shouts of joy we welcome thee
    Then it's time to return again to earth
    Your Spirit is needed to help and heal
    Through the internet and in person
    You must remain yet for awhile
    Your mission on earth is so worthwhile
    May God bless and keep you forever in his hands
    For you are an Angel in Gods plan.

      --Copywrite by Marie H. Genskay
      --January 12th, 1999

    Little did we know that my good friend Marie, eight
    months later, would join Faye with the Angels, with
    a disease more terrible than ovarian cancer taking
    her life - CJD or Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease.
    Her story, and much information regarding CJD
    can be found at the following webpage.

    Marie Genskay Memoral CJD Webpage

    A new friend of mine is the founder of the Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) Pathfinders website. This site memorializes the many women who have died due to this disease. IBC is the deadliest and rarest of the breast cancers. There seems to be a link between breast and ovarian cancer. Many women who get breast cancer are known to have faced ovarian cancer also. To find out more about IBC, click on the IBC Link.

    Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) Pathfinders Memoral Webpage

    If you would like to make a FREE donation to cancer research through the American Cancer Society, click on the button below for more information:

    Shortly after I started this website I heard from the author of one of the songs that was picked by me to use on many of the webpages of this website. It was sent to me when I was developing the initial website, as I recall. That song is the very beautiful "Dreams" written by Margi Harrell. Margi has been very gracious in allowing me to continue to use it. If you think the midi version of "Dreams" is beautiful, listen to it in .mp3 format! For more of her beautiful songs, please visit her website at:

    WinMusic JukeBox Page - Click here to go to it.

    If anyone else knows of other copyrighted material used on my website, please tell me so that proper credit can be given or the material removed from the site.

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