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A special note of thanks from Jene Lindaman-ImAuthor4U@aol.com (Elaine's sister) to Johnny Howard Massey for his contribution of the painting he did for Jene, ( his little sister). He did it from memory to show her the home of their grandparents in Arkansas, where she never had the opportunity to enter. Elaine and Jene share their childhood and past through poetry. Johnny did it through his paintings. They were all siblings and not one of them knew where the other was as they were growing up and they all met again in 1970.

...All I Have To Do Is Dream
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Greetings! Welcome to the land of the songbird! Let me share a bit of who I am and where I've come from. I am a wife and mother of two grown children and one very large dog who might as well be one of our children! I am blessed to live in the great state of Washington with my husband, Bruce, on a small acreage where deer and rabbits graze in our yard, eagles fly overhead, coyotes sing in our pasture at night and where just down the road at a neighboring farm, the buffalo roam. I was born the youngest of nine children, and separated from them and our parents at the age of two and a half when circumstances forced my adoption into another family.

I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, not knowing anything of my brothers and sisters except that they existed. Raised in the suburbs, my heart was forever in the country. I always felt that I got along better with animals than with other children and my fondest memories are of the time I spent at my (adopted) great-grandmother's house in the tiny town of Winona, Missouri near the southeast corner of the state. There, dogs and cats roamed the street at will, chickens and ducks clucked and quacked everywhere and even the dirt roads to town gave a sense of good old American country heritage!

While in the city, growing up, I was a lonely child. My adopted sister, who was nearly three years older than I, was mentally retarded and was difficult to play with and though the kids in the neighborhood and we bore a close resemblence to the Little Rascals, once I started school, I didn't make friends easily. But like a lot of children, I had an invisible friend that I only spoke to when we were alone. I managed to get all the way to adulthood without anyone in my family knowing about him. I didn't plan that....it just worked out that way. But unlike most other children's invisible friends, MY friend, though unseen by even my eyes, is real and is still with me today, though everyone who knows me now, knows all about my friend, because you see, I called Him God. Now you may think that very strange, but that's just the way it was. I didn't realize until later Who He REALLY was, but for whatever reason, he came to me when I was a little child and we went everywhere together and I learned to speak to Him as if He were a pal walking right beside me. No, I didn't hear an audible voice, he spoke to my soul. And when I was with Him, I knew, I was never alone. I didn't have the usual childhood fears, you know......like the Boogey Man or thunderstorms. I somehow knew that He was always there and wasn't afraid of much.

Because of the joy He gave me, it seemed I always had a song in my heart and it just nearly always had to jump out of my lips! I began singing I think nearly as soon as I could speak full sentences. I'm apt to break out in song at just about any time. When my husband and I were married, he would sometimes be embarrassed and said it was like being in a musical because so many things remind me of a song. I sang my first public solo in the little "Christian Church" in Winona when I was seven years old. I sang, "This World Is Not My Home." Oh! How I love to sing!

I made a new friend when I was sixteen. A few months before, I fell in love with a boy at my highschool. No, he isn't the friend, I mean. He and I went together for a couple of months and I believe to this day that my love for him was real. Not that true, lasting love doesn't need years to mature. But for reasons that made sense to a teenaged boy, he broke up with me and let me tell you, my heart was broken!!! Now, no laughing allowed---for four days I couldn't sing a note! I couldn't smile, I couldn't laugh---oh! It was dreadful!!! But on the forth day, I found out something WONDERFUL! I found out how much more there is to my old friend, God. It was then that I learned who He REALLY was, and just how much He really loved me!!! And He introduced me to His Precious Son, Jesus, and I was born-again!!!

Four years later, I married my highschool sweetheart, and together we have had two beautiful children, our son, Derrik Scott, and our daughter, Dondi Christelle. That wedding was over 32 years ago. Our children live here in Oak Harbor and are still single at the moment. Our son is a painter at the moment, by trade. He is also quite talented. He is both an artist and a poet. Both he and his sister serve the Lord. What more could a mother ask?

Dondi, (whose name, we found out after she was in Bible school, means: "ONE WHO ALWAYS FOLLOWS AFTER THE KING") has lived up to her name. She was a still-born premie! We were told if she lived to be a year old she would be retarded. Today, at age 27, she is beautiful, intelligent, funny and multi- talented! We praise God everyday for the miracle that our children are! Dondi has a job, here in town at Office Max and has served as our church secretary. But when she was fourteen, she heard God's call to minister in Russia as a missionary and is in fact, in Moscow at this moment. She never wavered from the call and naturally, God is blessing her obedience. She also, has a beautiful voice, has written a futuristic Christian adventure novel (as yet, unpublished) and is a very good artist in her own right!

God has blessed immensly over the years. I still love to sing and am on the worship team at our church along with my husband who both sings and plays the twelve-string guitar. God has allowed both of us to write songs, though music is more my passion than Bruce's. I have always felt that God wanted me to share the words he has given me in song. And though I can't sing them here, I can share them written down. I hope someone will somehow be blessed. And above all, that my God will be glorified.

In 1968, just a matter of hours before our wedding, God allowed some of my brothers and sisters to contact me. We have been scattered to the four winds and two of our number are gone now. But I am especially blessed because God has allowed me to have a very close relationship with my sister Jene! We communicate almost daily on icq and are making up for a lot of lost time! She is immensely talented, and you may know her as imauthor4u@aol.com! Her works are all over the net and I am very very proud of her! And I want to thank you now Jene, for making this webpage possible. I don't know much about this sort of thing as I never touched a computer until about 4 months ago when my sister begged me to give it a try. So, if there is anyone else connected to this endeavor, I thank you!

I hope I haven't been too verbose, but I just wanted to introduce myself... My name is Elaine MacNair, and I am songbird1965@hotmail.com In the immortal words of Dickens' Tiny Tim: "God bless us; every one!"


You Never Leave me Alone

Oh, Lord, I just scanned the pages of the paper
Filled with death and war and hate all the way through
And I gotta say it made my heart tremble
Till I remember, You never leave me alone

Chorus: You never leave me alone, Please forgive the doubt I've shown
For I know that you're a friend to the end
And I depend on you, Lord, and when I stray
And I think I've lost my way, Thank you, Jesus,
You never leave me alone

Oh, Lord, I've heard the feeble cries of the children
And I've seen the tears that loneliness bring
And I've felt the fears that death brings to someone
And I remember, you never leave me alone...

Chorus: You never leave me alone, Please forgive the doubt I've shown
For I know that you're a friend to the end
And I depend on you, Lord, and when I stray
And I think I've lost my way, Thank you, Jesus,
You never leave me alone

Oh, Lord, this world is full of trials and temptations
I try to walk but fall again and again
Sometimes I take my eyes off you and I'm shakin'
Till I remember, you never leave me alone

to chorus:

Oh, Lord, I can't take this journey without you
The road is strange and dark and I lose my way
And when I walk alone, I feel oh, so lonely
Then I remember, you never leave me alone...

to chorus:

By Elaine MacNair 12-16-2000 Copyright
- All Rights Reserved -

Lord of the Mountains, Lord of the Valleys

When I am lonely, when I'm in sorrow
Jesus is with me, He knows and cares

Chorus: For He's the Lord, of the mountains,
Lord of the valleys, Whither so ever I wander
He's always there

In time of trouble, on the field of battle
Jesus is willing__my life to share

Chorus: For He's the Lord, of the mountains,
Lord of the valleys, Whither so ever I wander
He's always there

He hears each heartbeat, He feels each tear drop
Whatever my conflict__my Lord is there

Chorus: For He's the Lord, of the mountains,
Lord of the valleys, Whither so ever I wander
He's always there

By Elaine MacNair 12-16-2000 Copyright
- All Rights Reserved -

I can have a great sense of humor when I need it. See what happens when I go fishing?

The One That Got Away
A Poem
Elaine MaCNair

Ah! G'mornin', sun, glad you're up 'n about...
It's a special day and I have no doubt
That before you set beyond some western cloud,
I'll fill my stomach with a pan-fried trout!

No stuffy breakfast...nor a flatulent lunch.
Can't stuff me yet...I'll just simply munch.
If I catch him soon, perhaps I'll brunch...
Mmmm...I can almost hear that cornmeal crunch!

Ah, the song of birds 'round a quiet lake;
My favorite pole...and a can of bait...
I'll just rare back...and rest...and wait...
C'mon, ol' fish! Come and meet your fate!

Here! I see you...just beneath that snag...
A little closer...don't lolligag!
Just smell that worm...see it bob and wag?
My tummy's growlin'! You're in the bag!

Now, c'mon fish, and strike that line...
That's right, reach for that worm of mine!
One pass...two passes...one more time...
Missed! Hey, fish? Think I really mind?

And is that a smile; on your fishy face?
As you splash away at your finny pace?
Guess you think you've won...left me in disgrace...
Ha! Wasn't really hungry...anyway.......

By Elaine MacNair 10-31-2000 Copyright
- All Rights Reserved -

Below are some of my favorite web sites, including the website of the man who so graciously made it possible for me to have this site to share my faith with the world. I am a cancer survivor and know my work here on earth is not finished. But some folks, like Ray's wife, Faye, reach from Heaven to continue helping those on earth. So please check Faye's web site out below, also. It could save your life. Thank you and God bless. Elaine.

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Faye's Memorial & Informational Ovarian Cancer Website

For my sister Jene's story (ImAuthor4U@aol.com) and many links to her wonderful poetry and things, click on these links:

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As part of Elaine's surprise Christmas present, Carmie created the beautiful bluebird bars and joined the applet painting.

If you would like her to create something for you, email her at: Angell4U2@aol.com

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