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Somewhere in Time - Engelbert Humperdink
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Final Comments From Ray
To the men and women of the medical profession, those "Angels
of Mercy", I salute you! Because of your caring, loving nature,
though overworked and often understaffed, you were able to
make the last couple years of Faye's life as comfortable as
possible under the circumstances of her illness. To the many
doctors who cared for her and loved her, I thank you. To the
many ICU nurses who cared for her, loved her, and got her
through the darkest of hours, I thank you. To all the medical
technicians who cared for her, and did their very best to prolong
her life, I thank you. To those nurses and assistants on the wards,
who cared for her, and loved her daily, I thank you. To the two
wonderful, dedicated Wound and Ostomy Technicians who
loved, and cared for her, and taught me the skills needed for me
to care for her, I thank you! There are so many of you, who
through your individual efforts, gave her the care, and love
that sustained her throughout this ordeal. There are so many I
cannot name you all. You will know, if you visit this site, who
you are. To all of you who prayed often for her survival, I
thank you. I am very much aware that she has also touched
your lives, as many of you have told me so.

To those wonderful friends, family members, and those who
hardly knew her, but were touched by her plight, and prayed for
her, I thank you. You have been a vessel of strength for us both
as we went through this terrible ordeal.

To the men and women who read this, encourage your spouse to
obtain regular medical checkups. I would also say to you, love
and cherish your spouse, tell and show her or him every day that
you do. Your spouse is God's gift to you. The time will come
when He will take back his gift. You must prepare yourself for
that time.

Finally, to all of you who knew, and loved her, I say to you, that
if we remain true in our hearts to Our God, as the title of the
song playing above says, "Somewhere In Time", we will be with
her again, Forever.

This webpage will continue until such time as I am not able to
maintain it any longer, or medical scientists have discovered
the cure and prevention of cancer.

This webpage was initially constructed with the assistance of a
very dear friend who wishes to remain anonymous. It was a
labor of love in memory of a dear friend and wonderful lady.

The scrolling clouds are a gift from John Bohr, whose wife,
Mary, passed away from ovarian cancer in 1997. You can visit
her memorial site written by John by visiting my Memorial and
Java Applet page on this website. Thank you for sharing, John!
To see how John wrote the scrolling clouds, View Page Source for
this HTML or visit John's instructional site regarding it at:

Scrolling Clouds Instruction Site

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