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Links to Cancer Information Sites ......
There are many sources of information on the Internet. For a more exhaustive list search for ovarian cancer on the world wide web.

National Cancer Institute - Cancer literature

NOCC Ovarian Cancer Fact Sheet

The Wellness Web - Excellent Medical Information

Cindy Melancon's Great Newsletter For Woman Who Have Ovarian Cancer. A MUST!

Boxelder Cancer Retreat Center For the Alternative-Minded Man or Woman

Websites That Provide Information Regarding Free Medication Programs

Click Here For: Free Medication Programs

Dr. George H. Malkmus's Hallelujah Acres Health Program - Try this. It could save your life. Go to his website. Read the testimonials.
Click Here For: Hallelujah Acres Health Program

The Angel Flight Program provides private planes flown by volunteers, at no cost to you. They will take you to and from treatment centers. Call phone # 1-888-227-2345. They are great people!

There are some 20 Wellness Communities in this country now. They provide free of charge professsionaly led support groups nationwide and education, stress management and social networking in a home-like community setting with a focus on enhancing health and well being. Call 1-888-793-WELL or you can email them at help@wellness-community.org

Here is information regarding Pleural Mesothelioma. Pleural Mesothelioma is a type of mesothelioma, a rare cancer that develops in the lungs. Mesothelioma as well as Ovarian Cancer can be caused by exposure to asbestos, which was used in talc powder and the manufacturing of gas masks in WWII by female workers. In both cases women can have asbestos accumulate in the ovaries, causing ovarian cancer.
PleuralMesothelioma.com: Our website has the most up to date and comprehensive information about Pleural Mesothelioma on the web today. With information ranging from a complete list of symptoms, to treatment options, and steps to take after a diagnosis.

Here is additional information regarding Mesothelioma.
Mesothelioma Symptoms

Here is more information from Debbie Slaughter with Mesothelioma.net regarding their services.
Mesothelioma Resources

Here is important information from Jeron McFarland, Awareness Advocate of The Mesothelioma Group. Here is a link to their website that you will want to check out.
Mesothelioma Stages

Here is additional information from Brian Basham, Director of Community Outreach for Mesothelioma Veterans.org. Here is a link to their website.
Mesothelioma Veterans

Rich Stewart of the Mesothelioma Fund provided me with this information. This company offers free services for patients dealing with the cost of treatment.
Mesothelioma Fund

Should you need legal assistance regarding Mesothelioma you might want to consider this organization:
Settlements for Mesothelioma Cancer

For more information regarding Mesothelioma you might want to consider this organization:
Mesothelioma Survival

For information regarding legal assistance you might want to consider the following information received from Katherine Keys, who has survived this cancer for 9 years now!
Here is the link: Mesothelioma Lawyer Center

For additional information regarding Mesothelioma you may want to consider this organization. What is Mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma Treatment Community
Mesothelioma Treatment Community of TreatMesothelioma.org is dedicated to the assistance and guidance of asbestos and mesothelioma victims around the world. We exist to not only inspire hope during these unbearable times but to also provide palliative care and comprehensive information through our website, resources, and educational videos. By being the largest resource for mesothelioma treatment options and complementary therapies for cancer, we are designed to help guide patients and their loved ones toward the answers and support they need to improve their quality of life, prognosis, and life expectancy..

Veterans make up the single largest group of people affected by asbestos illnesses, comprising almost 1/3 of all diagnoses each year. Veterans need to know that there are free resources available to them to help them in fighting these illnesses and that they are usually eligible for compensation through the VA. Our website features a veteranís section that offers veteran specific resources and support for patients and families.
Veterans and Mesothelioma

Ovarian Cancer Research Fund

Carol, of Home Health Care Agencies, a Care Giver herself to her parents, sent me some tips on Care Giving for those of you who are involved in caring for a loved one. Here is the link to those tips.
Care Giving Tips!

Last Updated On: 10/7/2019

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