The Fragrance of a Rose Always Lingers

My Dearest Ray,

I was back at the Memorial site reading the stories of others', reading your page about prayer (just excellent), looking at Faye's Rose Garden...and again I'm touched.

My Daddy has been gone many years, yet he lives on in many many ways. There are some things we do not understand here, but by faith, we know our Father does not make any mistakes, and He does indeed work all things out for good.

As hard as it is to understand, we accept...and we keep our loved ones alive forever in our hearts and with all the ways they have woven themselves into our own fabric. Nothing can seperate us from them, and with that, we are comforted.

Knowing that one day we will meet with them again in the Heavens, we carry on...still missing them, but at peace knowing it is but for a short time.

God bless you, Ray, as you carry on here without your beloved Faye by your side.

Love and deep affection,
Rita Ralston
A Little Bit Of Heaven

I Believe

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Last updated on: 03/17/2000

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