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It's hard for me to accept that you're gone
I try not to think about it all wrong
I know that you've gone to a better place
But sometimes I just want to see your face
Knowing that you're never coming back
Special treasured memories I don't lack
I find myself thinking of you everyday
Why won't these feelings just go away
You were more than my grandma,
you were my friend
Someone who I thought would be there 'til the end
As my life goes by at this steady pace
Just know that you can never be replaced


Love Christy

Christy is now 21! Faye would have been very proud of her! This is her tribute to her beloved Grandmother, a copy of which was placed on her tombstone this weekend.

Midi is: "Holes In The Floor Of Heaven" by Steve Wariner & Billy Kirsch.
It is used for entertainment purposes only and not for commercial use.
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Created on: 5/13/2007

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