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As the soot and dirt and ash rained down,
We became one color.

As we carried each other down the
stairs of the burning building,
We became one class.

As we lit candles of waiting and hope,
We became one generation.

As the firefighters and police officers
fought their way into the inferno,
We became one gender.

As we fell to our knees
in prayer for strength,
We became one faith.

As we whispered or shouted
words of encouragement,
We spoke one language.

As we gave our blood in lines a mile long,
We became one body.

As we mourned together the great loss,
We became one family.

As we cried tears of grief and loss,
We became one soul.

As we retell with pride of
the sacrifice of heroes,
We become one people.

We are:

One color
One class
One generation
One gender
One faith
One language
One body
One family
One soul
One people

We are The Power of One.
We are United.
We are America.

Written by Dr. Cheryl Sawyer ~ A Yellow Rose of Texas!

Dr. Sawyer is Asst. Professor of Counselor Education, University of Houston Clear Lake. She writes poetry as part of her healing process from surgery.

Please send Email to Ray Clark at: fayclark@texas.net

My Thanks to Judy Post of Caltech for sending me the poem.

Thank you Harmony Group for the July, 2002
Award For Excellence in American Spirit.
I am greatly honored!

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